KADC Minutes 6-26-15

June 26 2015

Roll Call: Chip Glennon presiding, Kim Murphy, Larry Pratt, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Chris Shipley and Jim Eldridge. Guests: David Pavlich, Amanda Lubinski and Shawna Searcy by phone.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Chris Shipley to approve the minutes of the June 12, 2015 meeting as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Bank balance is $75,816.68.

Dave Hinck said he had a bill from KCADG for $7,500.

A motion was made by Chris Shipley and seconded by Dr. Nicely to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the bill as presented. The motion carried unanimously.


KDRG ENDORSEMENT Shawna Searcy said the Kearney Downtown Revitalization Group is a concept plan with Lion’s Park as the core piece to the project. She said the plan is to be intentional about where things are held.

Jim Eldridge asked what KADC’s part is in this project. Shawna Searcy said she is head of the Economic Development Committee and they would just like the support of our group in relation to economic development.

A motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Kim Murphy to send a letter of endorsement of the concept of intentional development for the Kearney Downtown Revitalization Group. The motion carried unanimously.


MARKETING Shawna Searcy said she was still waiting on MARC to finish that piece of marketing. She said she hoped to be done in mid to late July.

Shawna Searcy said the Roll Out Purple Carpet campaign is still in the works. She said the cost will be shared by KADC, the School District and Chamber of Commerce. She said it will cost $500 from each organization for 5000 prints.

Dave Hinck said it is an important piece to marketing and is in the budget.

A motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Kim Murphy to authorize Shawna Searcy to spend up to $1,000. The motion carried unanimously.

RON COWGER – DETENTION FACILITY Ron Cowger said he has evaluated the detention pond plans and has three options.

Mr. Cowger said Option 1 is the plan done in 2010. He said the mitigation cost with the Corp could be as much as $80,000 and $4,000 permitting costs. He said this plan is problematic now. He said when it was done KADC owned Lot 15. He said now that we don’t own that lot, we can’t back up water onto that lot.

Jim Eldridge asked if we could put up a berm to prevent water backing up on that lot. Mr. Cowger said if we put up a berm then it will block off that lot and cause water to pond on that lot.

Chris Shipley asked if we could go deeper with the detention pond to prevent overflow. Ron Cowger said he could look at going over onto Lot 16 and using a small area to enlarge the detention pond.

Ron Cowger presented Option 2 and said this option won’t impact the Corp. He said the downside to this option is it will use land that would have been a sellable lot.

Ron Cowger presented Option 3 which would involve building two berms. One would be upstream and the other one would be at the bottom end. He said this wouldn’t affect Lot 15 and the new owner.

Chip Glennon asked about maintenance of the detention pond. Ron Cowger said it can be let go and use native grass.

Dr. Nicely asked if there would be any mechanism that we could use to collect fees to maintain this detention pond.

Chris Shipley asked who would pay for maintenance of the detention pond. It was decided that the CCR is in place and could start collecting fees but Couchman Park doesn’t have anything in place to collect fees.

Ron Cowger said Option 3 is the most expensive because of extra grading. He said you would also have the loss of a land sale. He said Option 1 just needs some modification to keep water off Lot 15.

Dave Hinck said he would hate to lose the land on Lot 16.

Chris Shipley asked how long it would take to get the Corp permit. Ron Cowger said it is hard to guess but it would probably be at least three months.

Ron Cowger said he would get hold of the Corp and see if they would look at the site with him and then come to the July 10th meeting.
NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be July 10, 2015 at 7:00 A.M. at Kearney City Hall in the basement.
ADJOURNMENT There being no further business on the agenda, a motion was made by Larry Pratt and seconded by Dave Hinck to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously.
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