Foundation Minutes 6-26-15

June 26, 2015

Roll Call: Chip Glennon presiding, Kim Murphy, Larry Pratt, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Chris Shipley and Jim Eldridge. Guests: David Pavlich, Amanda Lubinski and Shawna Searcy by phone.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Chris Shipley to approve the minutes of the June 12, 2015 meeting as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Dave Hinck reported the following bank balance for the Foundation Accounts:
NFI-Operating Acct. $ 3.578.75
NFI-Home Delivered Meals $ 4,943.15
NFI-Taxi Service Fund $14,815.32
NFI-Nutrition Center $19,304.19
NFI-Kearney Historic Museum $ 2,940.00
NFI-Kitchen Fund $ 6,306.56

Dave Hinck said we received a check from METAP for $1,055.00.

A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Chris Shipley to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills as presented. The motion carried unanimously.


SENIOR CENTER Shawna Searcy said the Clay County Senior Center quarterly report is due July 10th. She said the Clay County Senior Center yearly funding request is due by July 7th.

SENIOR CENTER Dave Hinck said he had visited Ken Meinert about the Senior Center. He said Ken was concerned that they have had air conditioning problems and he is worried about maintenance on the building and particularly the roof.

Dave Hinck said we always have money left in maintenance so he encouraged him to make repairs as needed. Shawna Searcy said she would be meeting with him about the reports so she would talk to him about maintenance.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be July 10, 2015 at 7:00 A.M. at Kearney City Hall in the basement.
ADJOURNMENT There being no further business on the agenda, a motion was made by Larry Pratt and seconded by Dave Hinck to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously.
Approved:___________________________ Attest:_____________________________

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