KADC Minutes 4/24/15

April 24, 2015

Roll Call: Chip Glennon presiding, Kim Murphy, Joe Wilmes, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Jim Eldridge and Larry Pratt. Guests: David Pavlich, Shawna Searcy, Amanda Lubinski, Jackie Banks, Jim Hampton, Jerry Nolte, Mike Maher, Tony Rinehart

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Larry Pratt and seconded by Kim Murphy to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2015 meeting as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Bank balance is $85,779.04.

Dave Hinck presented a bill from the City of Kearney for the fictious name renewal for $8.25. He said we would also be making our installment payment for the web site work being done.

A motion was made by Joe Wilmes and seconded by Dr. Nicely to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills as presented. The motion carried unanimously.


INCENTIVES DRAFT DOCUMENT:  Shawna Searcy presented a draft for the Competitive Business Incentives. She said this is modeled after Liberty. She asked for input from everyone.

Shawna Searcy asked if anyone thought the amount of investment was too high for existing businesses. Kim Murphy and Dr. Nicely both said they thought it should remain as written.

Chip Glennon asked if this is similar to other Cities our size. Shawna Searcy said it is modeled after Liberty but most Cities won’t share this information with her.

Dr. Nicely asked if they have to hire people to qualify. Shawna Searcy said they have to hire an additional thirty people to qualify.

Dave Hinck said we do want to help existing businesses but he said $3,000,000 is pretty high for an expansion by any local business in Kearney. Dr. Nicely said maybe we do tiers as far as the amount of the abatement.

Shawna Searcy asked everyone to read the document closely and forward any comments to her before she does a final draft.

MoDOT FUNDING FOLLOW UP: Shawna Searcy said Shelli Daniel with MoDOT had contacted her about us doing a letter of support. Shawna said the 2+2+2 bill is pretty much dead in this session but will certainly be brought up again next session.

Dave Hinck said he had sent emails to T. J. Berry and Dan Hegeman in support of the bills for funding MoDOT. He said he heard back from T. J. Berry and he said they would be working on something in the next session.

AGC MEETING: Shawna Searcy said there is a meeting set with Joe Wilmes, Jared Wolters, Chris Shipley, Dave Hinck and David Pavlich to meet with Ron Cowger at 4:00 PM to discuss the detention pond. She said we need to get a scope and cost set for the project.


NCAPS BUSINESS RETENTION RESULTS: Shawna Searcy introduced Pat Stinnett with the NCAPS program.

Pat Stinnett said the CAPS program includes students from seven high schools and partners with over 200 businesses. They have four departments which are engineer, technology, medical and business/logistics.

Mr. Stinnett said the students are treated as employees in regard to the businesses they work with. He introduced four students who have conducted a demographic study of Kearney. They explained the process and what their findings were.


HEARTLAND CONFERENCE: Shawna Searcy said she just finished the Heartland Conference. She said the networking was really great. She said she also learned a lot and just needs to sift through all the information. She said the conference focused on work force and expansion of businesses.


KEARNEY TRUST NOTE: Joe Wilmes said it is time to renew the note at the Kearney Trust Company.

A motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Kim Murphy to renew the loan for Innovation Park at the Kearney Trust Company. The motion carried unanimously.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 8:20 AM, a motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Larry Pratt to meet in closed session and that all records and votes, to the extent permitted by law, pertaining to and/or resulting from this closed meeting be closed under Section 620.021, subsection (3), RSMo, for the purpose of discussing real estate matters. Voting for the motion: Chip Glennon, Kim Murphy, Joe Wilmes, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Jim Eldridge and Larry Pratt. Motion carried by a seven to zero vote.

There was no action taken in executive session.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be May 8, 2015 at 7:00 AM at Kearney City Hall.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting reconvened following executive session. There being no further items on the agenda, a motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Kim Murphy to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously.
Approved:______________________________ Attest:__________________________

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