KADC Minutes 4/10/15

April 10, 2015

Roll Call: Chip Glennon presiding, Kim Murphy, Joe Wilmes, Jared Wolters, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Jim Eldridge and Larry Pratt. Guests: David Pavlich, Shawna Searcy, Amanda Lubinski, Shelli Daniel

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Jared Wolter to approve the minutes of the March 27, 2015 meeting as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

GUEST: SHELIE DANIEL Shawna Searcy introduced Shelie Daniel, area engineer for MoDOT as our guest today.

Shelie Daniel said she covers Platte, Clay and Ray counties. She handed out the Missouri 325 System Fact Sheet which explains the challenges facing MoDOT due to insufficient funding for transportation.

Shelie Daniel said MoDOT has taken many actions to tighten their belts by reducing staff, facilities and equipment. She said there will only be funds to cover keeping the primary roads and bridges in their current condition.

Shelie Daniel also handed out information on the 2+2+2 plan. She said there has been a bill introduced that would propose a two cent per gallon fuel tax increase for the next three years. She encouraged everyone to contact your State officials to help get this bill to pass.

Dave Hinck asked why there has been the drop in revenue. Shelie Daniel said it has been caused by flat revenue, more energy efficient vehicles, etc. She said we have a lower fuel tax than all the surrounding states.

RECESS: A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Jim Eldridge to recess and reconvene as the Kearney Community Foundation. The motion carried unanimously.

RECONVENE: The meeting reconvened.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Bank balance is $87,962.89.

Dave Hinck presented bills from Shawna Searcy for $1,585, Form Tech for membership decals for $126.30, Fair Point for $13.89 and NPG for RFQ notice for $68.66.

A motion was made by Kim Murphy and seconded by Joe Wilmes to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

RFQ SUBMISSION: Shawna Searcy said we only received one response for the RFQ and that was Akin Gordon Cowger engineers. She said we will need to authorize negotiating a contract.

A motion was made by Larry Pratt and seconded by Jared Wolter to approve the submittal from Akin Gordon Cowger Engineers and negotiate a contract. The motion carried unanimously.

Dave Hinck said we need to have a meeting with AGC and decide if we need to design or redesign the detention pond. He said we need to also know if we relay out the lots does it have an impact.

Kim Murphy said there needs to be a discussion about what is the best way to meet our needs.

It was decided to delegate the selection committee of Chris Shipley, Joe Wilmes, David Pavlich and Jared Wolter to meet with AGC and report back to the Board of Directors.


RHODUS CONTRACT: Joe Wilmes said it is time to do the contract with Rhodus Farms to farm the undeveloped portion of Innovation Park.

A motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Jared Wolter to authorize Joe Wilmes to negotiate a contract with Rhodus Farms to rent the farm land for $2,000 and move the rest of the property for us. The motion carried unanimously.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Shawna Searcy said work is progressing on the website. She said if anyone has any ideas they need to contact her immediately. She said there will be a training session on the work process and one more person besides herself should take part in that. There will be a cost if we schedule any more training.

MARKETING UPDATE: Shawna Searcy said she had met with Chip Glennon and Dr. Nicely and the MARC piece should be ready real soon.

ROLL OUT THE PURPLE CARPET: Shawna Searcy said the Roll Out The Purple Carpet is still in planning stages.

MAINSTREET: Shawna Searcy said she is chair of the Economic Development Committee for the Mainstreet Program. She said they have walked the entire district to evaluate the area.

Shawna Searcy said she will be attending the Heartland training next week.

ICSC: Shawna Searcy said she has been setting up meetings for the ICSC. She said the Mayor has asked her to look for nice steak house, Golden Corral or similar type restaurants. She said if anyone has any business they want her to contact let her know.

INCENTIVE RESULTS: Dr. Nicely said he would have the results of the incentive policy from the School District approved next Thursday. He said it had been presented to the Board of Education so he would email it out to all the Board members.

GUEST SPEAKER NEXT MEETING: Shawna Searcy said students from Northland CAPS will be at the next meeting explaining their programs.

EXECUTIVE SESSION At 7:45 AM, a motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Larry Pratt to meet in closed session and that all records and votes, to the extent permitted by law, pertaining to and/or resulting from this closed meeting be closed under Section 620.021, subsection (3), RSMo, for the purpose of discussing real estate matters. Voting for the motion: Chip Glennon, Kim Murphy, Joe Wilmes, Jared Wolters, Dave Hinck, Dr. Nicely, Jim Eldridge and Larry Pratt. Motion carried by an eight to zero vote.

There was no action taken in executive session.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting reconvened following executive session. There being no further items on the agenda, a motion was made by Dave Hinck and seconded by Kim Murphy to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously.
Approved:______________________________ Attest:__________________________

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